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Audiotest TSM500 Audiometer Tympanometer

Audiotest TSM500 Diagnostic audiometer and tympanometer is a unit, where all functions are controlled by an advanced microprocessor. With TSM500 you can preform air and bone conduction audiometric test, masking, MCL (most confort level) and UCL (unconfort level) and also tympanometry and Ipsi and contralateral reflex tests are available.

The tests can be displayed in its large LCD multi-language 24-bit color screen and its memory contains a storage capacity up to 400 tests with date and time, which all may be stored for later transfer to patient file or printout in its high speed built-in printer.

You may have a special designed software program called AudioConsole (optional); which cheap and very easy makes it possible for the users to create their own patient file system.

Technical specifications


  • Stimulation frequency; 11 Frequencies; 125 - 8000 Hz (selectables)
  • Stimulation intensity; -10 dB to 110 dB in 5 dB steeps.
  • Manual test.
  • Automatic tests; Hughson Westlake, 20 dB, xx dB, test for full flexibility.
  • HL, MCL, UCL.
  • Narrow band noise.
  • Masking assistant in AudioConsole software.


  • Presure range; -300 to +200 daPa.
  • Reflex frecuency; 5 frequencies; 500 Hz, 1K Hz, 2K Hz, 3K Hz and 4K Hz.
  • Reflex intensity; 80 dB HL to 110 dB HL in 5dB steps.
  • Tympanometry frequency; 226 Hz -+ 1%.
  • Tympanometry intensity; 85 dB SPL in 2 ml -+3 dB.
  • Full featured software suite.
  • Unlimited database with AudioConsole software (optional)
  • Easy integration to NOAH...