AD629 Diagnostic Audiometer

The AD629 presents a new concept we like to call ‘hybrid’, because it combines the best of past, present and future in a compact and classic design. It combines the best features of our AD229 and brings it to a new level with modern PC integration.

Has the familiar feel of a standalone audiometer but offers features usually restricted to PC platforms such as EMR integration, multiple data/patient storage features, reporting tools and integration with other database programs (NOAH, OtoAccess™).

The ergonomic design of the AD629 is exceptional with an articulating, high-resolution 5.7 inch/14.5 cm color display that presents crystal clear images for easy to read audiograms. Several display choices are available to customize the readout to your personal preference. The familiar keypad design will enable users to acclimate quickly without losing effi ciency or speed.

Is small for portability, yet presents a high professional image in any environment. The power of the internal processor provides PC-like functionality without the PC! Upload multiple patient data into the AD629 before taking it on the road, then store test results to each specifi c client and download the information when you get back to the offi ce to the database program of your choice (NOAH, OtoAccess™).

Provides all of the traditional testing capabilities of a diagnostic audiometer but now blends additional measures and features to make your life simpler and more effi cient. Built-in wavefi les for a variety of speech evaluations – including QuickSin, extended high frequency evaluation, PTA calculations and more. Hardware for effi cient patient communication.

Technical specifications

  • Full PC-integration (true hybrid).
  • High performance and speed.
  • Versatility.
  • Extensive diagnostic test battery.
  • Large 5,7’’/14.5 cm adjustable high resolution graphical color display.
  • Internal storage for 500 patients/ 50,000 test sessions.
  • Integrated pre-recorded speech.
  • Direct print options.
  • Compact and portable design (35 x 29 cm / 14 x 11 inch.).