Diagnostic Impedance and Audiometry AA222

The AA222 is the most comprehensive combination of middle ear analyzer and diagnostic audiometer available. Combines all of the diagnostic middle ear analyzer tests found on the AT235 and most of the features available on our popular AD629 diagnostic audiometer. This makes the AA222 ideal for the new clinic, for travelling to alternate locations, and for clinical situations where space is at a premium.

Ergonomically designed and user friendly the AA222(h), can be used as a desktop and a portable instrument. With the built-in power amplifier and test cavities it is easy and fast to set up and get started testing. With the push button on the probe, you can switch between left or right ears for labeling the tests, and initiate the test.

The AA222 has several other features that makes it easy to use. With the push of one button you can extend the pressure range from +300 daPa to –600 daPa.

Another button labeled »child« automatically produces a moving choo-choo train as a visual distracter for the child.

Interacoustics utilize two beneficial techniques to acquire tympanograms. The first is an endless airflow technique which improves the instruments ability to obtain a tympanogram on difficult to test patients or when a slight leak is present.

This prevents the system from continually resetting to continue the test. The second feature is an intelligently controlled pump system with an adaptive speed control. This feature combines a very fast test speed with high resolution of the tympanogram peak which might otherwise be obtained only with a slower pump speed.

Technical specifications

  • High frequency and manual tympanometry
  • Reflex test.
  • Decay – Contra and Ipsi.
  • Eustachian tube function.
  • Visual child distraction.