Neuro-Audio ABR

Most of the tests needed for your daily audiological practice are in just one box with the size of a small book, powered from a personal computer.

When the software is installed, all tests are preset for daily practice. And you do not need to make any changes. But when you need it, you can change practically any parameter you wish: parameters of acquisition and stimulation, window layout, colors, report, etc.

ABR threshold search is one of the most widespread routine tests in objective audiometry. We developed a special automatic ABR protocol “Objective hearing threshold search”. In this mode the whole process is done automatically. You need only to prepare a patient, start this protocol and simply observe the procedure, stopping it when you see the threshold.

Technical specifications

  • One USB cable to connect device to a computer.
  • Set of sockets on side bottom panel to connect all stimulators: headphones, insert earphones, OAE probe and bone vibrator.
  • 5 touch-proof connectors to plug electrodes.
  • 2 DIN connectors.
  • LED impedance indicator and “Impedance check” button.
  • Combined trig-in and trig-out socket (to connect to DIB for cochlear implant, for example).
  • No other devices, cables, batteries, chargers and power supply units needed!