Hearing Aid Analyzer module USB Interacoustics AFFINITY 2.0 HIT440

The HIT440 offers unlimited variables for measuring hearing aid performance - including a wide range of appropriate stimuli for non-linear hearing aids. Even bone anchored devices can be evaluated with our optional SKS10 Skull Simulator Coupler.

Endless loop testing For aids with suspected intermittent faults you can set up a sequence of tests, specifying tolerances for each, and run the sequence in an endless loop until a tolerance is overstepped. This could be done overnight with results available next morning.

HIT440 uses the special dual speaker set in the built-in test box for checking directional microphone function. Current ANSI test sequences paired with ready made print templates are included with the system. This means ‘out-of-thebox’ functionality when you receive it.

For those requiring an ‘industrial grade’ acoustic test chamber, the Affinity2.0 has connectivity to our optional TBS25 text box.

Technical specifications

  • Tests all types of hearing aids.
  • NOAH compatible.
  • Variable smoothing of curves.
  • Telecoil testing.
  • Manual override.
  • Import/Export of protocols.
  • Wide range of test stimuli.