Real Ear Measurement Module USB Interacoustics AFFINITY 2.0 REM440

Real-Ear measurements are the only means to objectively quantify what you put in your clients ear – potentially having a huge impact on client satisfaction. The REM440 Real-ear Measurement module is a reliable fitting tool suitable for all types of hearing aids. It ensures precise hearing aid fittings and easy side-byside management with the hearing aid manufacturer software.

Binaural REM makes it faster to fit both ears simultaneously. It saves time while maintaining an insertion gain measurement. Used together with On-top mode it is a very efficient procedure.

REM440 features On-Top mode allowing for smooth and fast hearing aid fittings and finetuning. The ‘On-Top’ mode converts the REM440 software into an overlay window which is automatically placed on top of the hearing aid fitting software. While making adjustments to the hearing aid – observe immediate changes to your real-ear measures. REM440 will launch directly from the Oticon Genie Module.

Technical specifications

  • On-top mode.
  • Open fit capability.
  • RECD and coupler verification.
  • DSL v5 and NAL-NL2 prescription targets.
  • Compatible with AutoFit, REMfit and EXPRESSfit.