VideoNistagmography VNG VISUAL EYES 515

The VISUAL EYES 515 is designed to perform assisted vestibular tests processed by computer to analyze eye spontaneous nystagmus, positional and caloric.

The program can work with laptop or computer-screen, all in one with a large touch screen. It provides the user with personalized protocols that will guide you through the easy and intuitive screens and visualize eye movements in a large format . It works with an improved mathematical calculation algorithm of the nystagmus, so that the use of makeup does not interfere in the execution of the tests. Video playback of the results can be performed in a super slow mation and allows you to connect an additional camera to record the patient and their environment during the test.

It incorporates a new technology for fast data transfer that allows for high quality video and precise measurements. also it offers the possibility of storing patient data in the OtoAccess database, printing reports and sharing data.

Record your videos of the tests and keep them in your storage device (typically a hard disk), which in turn will be connected to records in the database. The storage limit depends on the memory capacity of your device.

Check and view recorded sessions normal, fast or in slow motion, or even fragments mode. Ability to export data from patients in AVI format for consultation or for educational purposes. It includes different audio to implement in videos.

Technical specifications

  • Touch screen (depending on the PC used)
  • Very visual and easy to use program.
  • Custom protocols to facilitate the daily work of the user.
  • Fine adjustment of the perimeter of the pupil.
  • It allows shared access to patient reports from multiple workstations access.
  • MWST (Caloric screening test after two hot Hot monothermal irrigations).
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Edition of nystagmus.
  • Compact software.
  • Ability to record comments on tests.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Predefined tests.
  • Diagrams and statistics calculated automatically and in real time.
  • High quality prints testing and raw data.
  • Color printed reports.
  • VISUAL EYES 515 could be upgraded to 525 for pursuit, sacades, optokinetic, pendular and rotation tests with rotary chair Nydiac 200.