EndoSURGERY system for ENT medicine

The system components form a compact, functional unit and offer excellent convenience with optimum image quality.

The innovative trolley and the individual XION components incorporated within it form a coordinated system featuring highest functionality. Features such as an integrated uninterrupted power supply (UPS), the isolation, transformer with earth-leakage monitor, the central on/off control system and the isolated network interface with 1Gbit/s provide for an optimum work flow and meet all requirements for safety and ergonomics in complex endoscopic systems.

Interfaces directly accessible from the outside facilitate easy connection of external video sources (e.g. operating-room microscope) or temporary secondary monitors and direct integration into the hospital network.

The modularly structured DiVAS software is scalable from a single-user solution for recording and editing patient, image and measurement data, to a complex network solution for recording all relevant examination data produced by an advanced ENT clinic. Integration into the hospital information system (HIS) and the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is possible at any time.

Technical specifications

  • The safe system with optimum handling.
  • All modules of a XION system are perfectly matched to each other. Devices, optics and instruments.
  • Form a unit that adapts to your way of working and supports your workflow.
  • Technology from XION helps you to cope with the increasingly complex daily hospital routine.
  • DiVAS software ensures valid, comfortable and fast diagnostic findings, their documentation and patient-related data storage.
  • Your diagnostic and treatment data are recorded, analysed and archived.
  • XION systems can be networked and integrated into the HIS and PACS via standard interfaces (DICOM, HL7).
  • All data are thus automatically, centrally and paperlessly stored.