Nasopharyngoscopes XION

Designed for the tactile sensation and non-tiring handling as required in daily routine operation. High-End fibre-optic bundles and a high capacity system produce large and bright images at best resolution – necessary for save diagnosis and therapy.

Due to the consequent use and reliable processing of high-class materials, XION nasopharyngoscopes are robust and have a long lifetime in spite of the increasing,

Technical specifications

  • Functional design for easy and comfortable handling.
  • Sensitive yet robust control.
  • Optimal flexibility and torsional stiffness of the insertion channel.
  • High-performance optical system for larger, brighter and sharper images.
  • Suitable reprocessing procedures: Fully immersible in cleaning and disinfectant solutions; STERIS®; ETO; Machine reprocessing (RDG-E).