Flexible Video Endoscope EV-NC

This flexible Video Naso Pharyngoscope 3,4x320mm has a C-MOS camera great resolution at its end (chip on tip) of 400x400mm (160,000) pixels, LED lighting and internal microphone for audio recording during the test (no stroboscopy). Great argonomic design that allows to introduce in natural and comfortable way for the patient. It includes buttons for taking pictures and video and white balance.

It requires to be connected to the "Adapter Box" hardware module with S-Video and BCN to monitor outputs or PC by USB or digitizing Capture IT connection or to a videoendoscopy "EndoCompact" and "EndoStrobe" systems (not stroboscopy). The "adapter box" hardware module is compatible with standard VESA 100 for attached it to the back od the TV monitor.

Technical specifications

  • Its ergonomic and functional design ensure easy and safe handling.
  • 400x400 pixels with big-resolution C-MOS chip on tip.
  • Ideal for ENT endoscopy tests in his office or hospital.
  • No fiberoptic points or "moiré" effect.
  • Great definition and brightness of images.
  • Connection to monitor, PC or XION endoscopic system.
  • Two customizable fuction buttons at will.