Miniature headlight

The well protected fibre bundle is guiding the light loss free to the light outlet. There the focussable lens system effects a small and bright spot which is adjustable in direction and size. The view is perfect because of the ultra compact optic. The ergonomic headband with cross band is foam bolstered and the head size is adjustable by one hand. The foam bolster can be protected by an additional leather bolster (accessories). Lightweight components as well as central mounted cable in combination with ergonomic headband offer an extraordinary comfortable wearing.

Best choice would be combination with light source code 12-300X (100 W Xenon) which results in a perfect price-performance relation. The heat resistant model (item code 08-445CC) offers the use with one of the high power xenon short arc light sources like item code 12-380X (180W Xenon) and item code 12-500X (300 W Xenon). Both standard and heat resistant model are available also with 90° angled projector end (08-447 / 08-447CC). By using our wide range of screwable end fittings this headlight can be connected also to light sources of all common brands.

Technical specifications

  • Item code: 08-445 / 08-445CC (heat resistant) 08-447 (90° angled)/ 08-447CC (90° +heat resistant).
  • Total weight: ca. 300 g.
  • Wearing weight: ca. 200 g.
  • F/O-Cable: metal armed Silicon tubing, grey centred, 2,2m, active Ø: 2,6mm.
  • Headband: with cross band, bolstered, head size adjustable by one hand.
  • Light outlet: Focus adjustable, ball joint.
  • Accessories: leather bolster (item code 08-319).