Wireless OT-LED-Headlight

Wireless, Light weight, comfortable headlight with modern Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack at the headband. Especially suitable for mobile use.

Our wireless LED-headlight provides a high light emission, long lasting operation as well as a simple and comfortable handling. The intensive and homogeneous illumination is provided by a modern high power LED. The special high efficiency lenses focus the light to a variable concentrated spot. LED-headlights offer the best possible price/performance relation because of the typical long life and power efficiency by solid-state lamps and the modern Lithium-Ion technology.

Because of the low total weight and the ergonomic leather bolstered headband it is a pleasure to wear this headlight also for long times. To turn the headlight on or off you can switch at the battery pack. The ball joints make it possible to adjust the light exactly into any requested position for a restriction free optimal view. The charger is available with connector type EU, UK and USA.

Technical specifications

  • Total weight: 350 g (with Power pack on headband).
  • Classification: Class I (according to annex IX of directive 93/42/EEC).
  • Classification: 1 M according EN 60825-1.
  • Power supply: Li-Ion Power pack, 700 mA.
  • Charging period: approx. 4 h at fully discharge.
  • Operation time: approx. 3.5 h.
  • Working distance: 20…60 cm.
  • Light outlet: focusable.
  • Spot size range: 8…115 mm.