Video laryngoscopes

Even though the optical quality of the combination of laryngoscope optics and proximal camera head has reached technological maturity, its handling had left much to be desired. The XION video laryngoscope integrates optics, camera chip and microphone in one instrument which can be optimally handled. The slim design of this video laryngoscope with only 7 mm in sheath size increased the acceptance by the patient considerably. This has appositive effect in less time needed for an examination with parallel improve of quality of the findings.

The control elements for focussing, saving images or recording video sequences can be comfortably reached and operated by the thumb. The integrated save button makes separate foot activation superfluous. The video laryngoscope is connected to the videostroboscope unit by only one cable. The new instrument is compatible with the existing XION system as the standard interfaces for the light source and camera unit have been maintained.

Technical specifications

  • Video laryngoscope with high resolution and CCD sensor located at distal tip.
  • Outstanding image quality.
  • Format-filling display.
  • Integrated microphone with fix distance for comparable measurement conditions.
  • Ergonomic design, easily adjustable focus ring for focus adjustment.
  • Push-button switch for capturing a single frame or controlling video recording.
  • One-cable solution for light, video and audio cables – all bundled in a highly flexible supply shaft
  • Short distal end, simplified, patient-friendly handling.
  • Compatible with the XION EndoSTROB system.