Range Profile DiVAS

The significance and efficiency of the voice range profile measurement is drastically increased due to various new opportunities. These include, e.g., the calculation and real-time display of the efficiency range for each and every vocal tone. This means it is now possible to show individual vocal tones or the entire audio sequence. Furthermore, the range of the entire recording can be calculated and displayed parallel to the voice range profile. Additionally, the Dysphonia Severity Index (DSI), the phonation time and the jitter can be measured, and comparison voice range profiles integrated.

Technical specifications

  • Measurements voice and dynamic range.
  • Display a diagram of sound pressure level per frequency.
  • Real-time measurement profile speech and song profile during voice recording.
  • Real-time determination of the minimum and maximum levels of sound pressure level and frequency.
  • Real-time determination of the maximum phonation time (MPT).