AURIS 3M patient armchair

The AURIS 3M provides the best ergonomic and mobility solutions because of its robust design and maximum comfort to ensure the high performance and functionality for ENT specialist and patient, It is an electric chair, upholstered with high density polyurethane injected for a great comfort and durability.

All three engines, the fully programmable automatic working memories and automatic reset can take any position at any height. Thanks to its movements, the specialist can be reache easily and comfortably all spaces during the examination of the patient.

With AURIS 3M, as a central tool of their work, you will get better tests to their patients. Its innovation results, better ergonomics and greater comfort for the patient and presional. With AURIS only need to focus on the patients.

Technical specifications

  • Robustness, functionality and ergonomics.
  • 3 motors
  • Vertical movement up-down, backrest up-down and seat movement including Trendelembourg.
  • Turn 360 degrees to lock in any position of rotation.
  • Legrest with rise and fall offset by double piston gas.
  • Folding footrest.
  • Articulated head (optional).
  • Upholstered armrest lifting to better patient entry and synchronized movement of the backrest.
  • Two position memories and initial zero position.
  • wired pedal to control movements and memories. Wireless foot optional.
  • More than 40 colors available.