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Rhinomanometry Rhimo-base

The RHINO-BASE offers as a key element the Rhinoresistometry, a further development of active anterior Rhinomanometry.

Nasal flow rate is measured using a breathing mask. The filter between measuring nozzle and face mask is replaceable. Choanal pressure is measured using an adhesive nasal adapter. An additional benefit is that the micro pressure sensors can be connected directly to the breathing mask, thus minimizes measurement errors.

Nasal flow resistance can be objectified reproducibly using Prof. G. Mlynski’s (University Greifswald, Germany) highly complex analytical software which has been developed and improved over many years. This is the basis for differential diagnosis of possible causes of nasal obstruction like constriction, inspiratory nasal wing collapse or pathological turbulence.

Technical specifications

  • RHINO-BASE with accessory box.
  • Measuring nozzle with filter and face mask.
  • Software for Rhinoresistometry.
  • Software for Rhinomanometry.